Shopping Guide

Whether you've always enjoyed creating a natural and peaceful atmosphere indoors or you're looking for your first fountain, you've come to the right place! These suggestions can help you as you browse through our fountains, bird baths, and some home decorations.


Indoor or outdoor? Decide where you want to place the fountain. Our fountains are versatile, mainly chosen based on appearance and size.

If you want to enjoy the relaxing sound of flowing water indoors, increase the humidity, and add a serene element to your space while enhancing the decor, try an indoor fountain.

If you want to attract attention from passersby in your front yard or create a natural outdoor ambiance that makes your yard more attractive and draws in some wildlife for a drink, an outdoor fountain might be what you need.



Durable materials like cement are noticeable and can last a long time with regular care. Lightweight materials like resin, iron, etc., make it easy to move the fountain around.


Size is also essential to consider. Choose a size that fits the intended location.


Modern, traditional, rustic, classical architectural style, mimicking a natural environment, etc. Choosing a style that fits your home or the style you desire is crucial. We take pride in being able to focus and continuously develop more fountain designs to beautify your life.

5.If you want to attract birds to your yard or provide them with a place to drink and bathe while observing them better, our bird baths are an excellent choice.

6.If you just want to buy some decorations to beautify your yard or home, take a look at our decor items

Once you've chosen one or more products, add them to your shopping cart. We recommend paying for multiple products together, because if you're a first-time buyer at Waterfountainonline, you'll enjoy a 5% discount.

Purchase Process:

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Step 2: Open your mailbox, from the mailbox entrance to the website, so that when you shop for products, will automatically generate discounts.

Step 3: Add one or more products to your shopping cart, click on Payment, make sure the product has been discounted, fill in your contact information and address.

Step 4: Choose the payment method and complete the payment.

Step 5: Congratulations on completing your shopping! Your goods are waiting to meet you!